Business Migration to Canada

Business Migration Canada Program is for those who have the skills and experience to grow their business, creating new opportunities for them. Business Visa Canada attracts entrepreneurs, the self-employed, businesspersons and investors who are not Canadian citizens to help promote and develop Canada’s economy.

There are four Kinds of Canada Business Immigration Programs available and those are:

  • Self Employed Canada Business Immigration Program
  • Investors Visa
  • Entrepreneurs Visa
  • Business Visitor Visa

Self-Employed Business Migration Canada Program

In order to qualify for Business Visa Canada under the Self-Employed Program, the applicant must have a relevant artistic or athletic experience that allows them to be self-employed. The candidate must be a significant contribution to the cultural and sporting life of Canada.

Eligibility for Self-Employed Program:

  • Should have net assets of at least $100,000 that has been legally obtained;
  • Should have 2 years of self-employment in relevant field or participation in art, culture, recreation or sport activities, as listed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada;
  • Assessment can be done based on their education, experience, age, English or French language ability and adaptability to Canadian culture; and
  • Applicants willing to purchase a farm must have at least two years of farm management experience

There are other factors also, such As:

  • Age of applicant and spouse where applicable;
  • The nature and duration of applicant’s respective professional training; and
  • Language skills

Canada Business Investor Visa

The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) have investor categories available for you, whereas, the federal Immigrant Investor Program is permanently closed so receiving permanent residence through investment is not as easy how it used to be.

The following two provinces have investor visa programs:

  • Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) Business Category – Corporate Stream; and
  • Manitoba Business Investor Stream

Ontario Corporate Stream

The great thing about this stream is that your key staff will also be allowed to apply for a work permit if your proposal is approved by the OINP. The Ontario Corporate stream would be perfect for people who have a business activity that will help Ontario’s economy grow.

Few requirements for corporation and investment that must be considered.

Canada Corporation and Investment Requirement in 2019

Your corporation should be established at least 36 months from the time you submitted your application; and

The following corporate structures are eligible for the program:

  • Public corporations;
  • Sole proprietorship; and
  • Partnerships

Canada Business Investment Visa Requirements

  • To purchase an existing business in the province or to expand your corporation into Ontario, a minimum of $5 million must be invested;
  • The investment must be of legally obtained funds; and
    Must be able to make a significant benefit to Ontario’s economy.

Job Creation Requirements

The corporation must create five permanent, full-time jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents for every key staff applicant; and

For the particular jobs, the key staff must have paid jobs with wage rates that are in line with industry standards

Pathways for Manitoba Business Investor Stream

The Manitoba Business Investor Stream has two pathways to receiving an investor visa, the Entrepreneur Pathway and Farm Investor Pathway. In this Business Investor Stream, the individuals will start businesses in Manitoba and create jobs for permanent residents and citizens to further the economy of the province.

Entrepreneur Pathway

Individuals who have the intent and ability to settle themselves and their dependents in the province can apply for the Entrepreneur pathway. It empowers the province to nominate and recruit business people who possess the skills and experience to start, manage or buy an existing business in the province.

The Farm Investor Pathway

This pathway relates to individuals who want to start and manage a farm in rural Manitoba. The MPNP expects that those who are successful with the Farm Investor Pathway will produce primary products that are consistent with the current farm industry of the province. The type of operation and investment must be made in consideration of provincial statistics relating to the farm industry of Manitoba.

Entrepreneur Visa

The applicant must have a net worth of at least $300,000 in order to qualify for this program as an entrepreneur, should also be willing to establish, invest in or acquire a business in Canada which will create or maintain employment in Canada.

Eligibility for Entrepreneur Visa, you must have

At least two years of experience in running a business is acquired from the date you submit your application. This should be in a lawful and profitable business that you either manage alone or handle business with an accompanying spouse, controlling at least 25% of the capital equity;

Experience in running a business, having actual and full-time responsibilities and duties related to the planning, management and control of material, financial and human resources, or specialization process attested to by a diploma; and
Control at last 25% of the capital equity

There are other factors also, such as:

  • Age of applicant and spouse;
  • The nature and duration of applicant’s training; and
  • Language skills

Business Visitor Visa Canada

You can be interested in applying for a business visitor visa if you wish to visit Canada temporarily with the purpose of engaging in international business activities, without directly entering the Canadian labor market. The applicant for business visitor visa would be someone who comes to Canada to meet Canadian clients doing business with his or her company based outside of Canada.

This will be applicable if you intend to:

  • Look for ways to grow your business;
    Invest; or
  • Advance your business relationships

Why to choose AINiT for Canada Business Migration?

The CEO, Aftab Syed, is a registered Canadian Business migration agent who has hands-on experience on assisting businessmen to start their business or open their branch in Canada. His team of Canada business migration experts in Karachi, Pakistan can guide you with the immigration law system and provide you with comprehensive knowledge. We have expertise in handling a complicated process and making it easy for our clients. Our team can assist you throughout all the stages of the application process.

Don’t forget to check your eligibility if you are interested as the assessment is absolutely free of cost. Please fill out the assessment form and one of our Expert Immigration Consultants will get back to you at the earliest.

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