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Best Reasons to Study in Canada From Pakistan

If you need Canada study visa, Canada is considered to be one of the most attractive study destinations across the globe as many international and Pakistani students choose study visa for Canada
for higher education mainly because of the quality of education and peaceful atmosphere. Following are some other reasons why students choose to study in Canada from Karachi, Pakistan.

  • Universities in Canada are globally recognized and lead to successful career prospects.
  • It leads the world when it comes to innovative research methods and world class faculties.
  • Courses offered at universities in Canada are more affordable as compared to other study destinations like the UK and USA.
  • Universities in Canada also offer co-op education option that gives students valuable work experience during studies.
  • Graduates of Canadian universities get the option of working in Canada for an additional year after completion of their study program.
  • Canada is hospitable and multicultural country that welcomes international students.
  • Cost of living for international students in Canada is lower as compared to other countries.

International students who intend to continue their education in Canada are required to obtain a study permit that allows them to stay in Canada for study purposes. The Canadian government sets forth some rules and regulations for individuals holding student visa to avoid fraud and ensure recruitment of genuine students at Canadian University / Institutes for study abroad.

For this purpose, the government has listed down certain institutes / universities as Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs). This list limits down student visa approvals to individuals meeting the eligibility criteria and applying for admission in these institutions only.

Working Rights:

Students on a valid study visa for Canada from Pakistan are allowed to work part time on campus or off campus during their study period or full-time during scheduled holidays.

Our team of experienced study in Canada consultants in Pakistan can guide you select the most suitable course and institute for you to study in Canada based on your academic background and credentials. We will assist you throughout the process of your admission from course selection to receipt of letter of acceptance and Canada student visa Pakistan application to get you the best results.

Co-Op / Internship Programs:

Most of the universities in Canada, offer Co-op education or Internship programs for students as a part of their academic curriculum during their study in Canada which allows them to work with a Canadian employer for the duration specified by the program they are enrolled in and gain valuable work experience relevant to their field.

To check your eligibility, please fill out the Student assessment form and one of our Qualified Student Counselors will get back to you at the earliest.

Study in Canada for Pakistani students on scholarship

Different universities in Canada offer scholarships for Pakistani students and number of students from Pakistan get scholarships in Canada after our guide and consultancy you can be one of them call us today for your appointment with best study in Canada consultant in Karachi.

How can AINiT help you in Student Visa For Canada From Pakistan?

At AINiT, our team of professional Canada student visa consultants will guide you throughout the admission process. We have assisted various students from Karachi and other cities in Pakistan to pursue their higher education in Canada. After assessing your academic history, our experts will help you choose the most suitable course according to your credentials. We make assessments on case by case basis, so you get brighter and more accurate results based on customized research according to your individual case. We provide you comprehensive assistance for your admission from selecting courses to documentation and obtaining student visa.

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