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Yes. AINiT does not charge a fee for the visa assessment.

As every country requires different fees for individual visas and processes, we provide personalized services for every customer. To be more specific, the fees that we charge are directly related to the price of the visa or services required by your destination country. This permits us to provide you with reasonable rates for professional service that is personalized to your specific needs.

There is a wide range of visa types in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK, Malaysia, Europe, China and Turkey that you could possibly be eligible for, depending on your individual circumstances. These could range from General Skilled Migration, Employer Sponsorship, Business Migration, Student visas and many more. This can be a complex process that would require our registered migration agents, licensed immigration advisors and qualified education counselors to fully assess your situation to find the right visa type for you.

We offer a face to face consultation at our Dubai, Karachi and Sydney offices. You will be able to meet with one of our specialist advisors for a full visa eligibility assessment. To book a face to face consultation you can drop us an email or give us a call.

If you are living far away from one of our listed offices or overseas, we can offer you the following consultation options:

  • Phone consultation if you would choose to talk on the phone
  • Skype consultation if you select to communicate via Skype

Yes, you will still get a full assessment and information through our professional consultants as you would in a face to face consultation.

Two initial consultations are free and you should pay on the third consultation because of the time and research our advisors put in to provide a comprehensive and professional advice. When you proceed with our services, your initial fee is then credited towards your overall consultancy fee.

During the consultation you will receive:

  • Valuable information on the criteria for your desired country and visa type
  • All critical dates that may apply to your application.
  • Details on the main stages of the application process
  • Suggestion of the estimated processing time for the application
  • Quote you our consultancy fee and other official fees to cover your visa application, medical, charter clearance etc.

You will also obtain a written copy of the advice given to you during the consultation.

You can book a consultation time via email or phone and we will confirm your booking via email, with details of your meeting time and location of our office.

We will also send a Pre Assessment consultation form for you to complete and return to us at least a day before your appointment so our consultant can have a better knowledge of your case before your appointment.

At AINiT, we take pride in developing the industry’s most advanced immigration solutions. Since 2001, our success rate for securing working visas and permanent residence visas is 95%.

Our expertise covers the key areas of Immigration Law, including Business Migration, Skilled Worker Visa, Skill Assessment through various assessing authorities, Student visa, Partner visa, Visitor visa and Job placement.

Prices will vary as every visa subclass and situation is changed. During your consultation, our consultant will be able to provide a quote of the recent Visa Application Charges.

AINiT has been operating since 2001 with a long history of pioneering migration and study abroad solutions for our valuable clients. Our team of consultants is trained by our CEO Mr. Aftab Syed who is an experienced migration agent, licensed immigration advisor and a qualified education agent counselor duly registered with the relevant authorities.

AINiT team is capable of handling all sorts of visas. Our team is in practice to keep eyes on any changes of immigration law or process of the countries which we are dealing with including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK, Malaysia, China, Europe and others.

AINiT specializes solely in immigration law to provide you with advanced solutions for your journey to Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Once you sign a contract with us we will provide you with a standard checklist of documents that will be required for your visa application along with a comprehensive guide to process so as to make it easier for you’re the understand the complicated procedures. We untwist your query by providing a quick, friendly and professional advice with the best migration solutions while upholding our integrity and ethics.

Unfortunately we do not provide individual document checking service during consultations. We only conduct complete assessments for our registered clients who are availing our full service package of assessment and visa application. Once you have signed on with our services and you are allocated a case manager, who will assess your documents for your visa application.

We can provide you with general information about what types of courses may be beneficial to you in terms of immigration outcomes. Our qualified education counselor can provide you comprehensive information including the selection of an appropriate course, education provider, reasonable course fee, semester intakes, financial requirements, visa application requirements, transfer of tuition fee, visa grant, pre-departure briefing, and settlement assistance.

Our partner institutions in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US, UK, Malaysia, China, Germany and Turkey offer numerous courses in all fields of study. If you need assistance with obtaining a place in an approved course then simply fill up our Assessment Form and our representative will get back to you with the details.

There are many changes that can happen to immigration during a year. At AINiT we provide our registered clients with regular updates and important information. If you would like the latest Immigration updates subscribe for AINiT’s updates and get all information right in your mailbox. To subscribe click here

To find out more about how AINiT can assist you, take our free visa assessment. You will be contacted by one of our qualified consultants who will work with you to put your plans into action. For further questions about your desired destinations, give us a call or drop and email to us.

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Don’t forget to check your eligibility if you are interested as the assessment is absolutely free of cost. Please fill out the assessment form and one of our Expert Immigration Consultants will get back to you at the earliest.

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