ANZSCONameSkill Level
111111Chief Executive or Managing Director1
111211Corporate General Manager1
121111Aquaculture Farmer1
121312Beef Cattle Farmer1
121313Dairy Cattle Farmer1
121314Deer Farmer1
121315Goat Farmer1
121316Horse Breeder1
121318Pig Farmer1
121321Poultry Farmer1
121322Sheep Farmer1
121323Mixed Cattle and Sheep Farmer1
121399Livestock Farmers nec1
121511Cotton Grower1
121512Grain, Oilseed, Pulse or Pasture Grower / Field Crop Grower1
121513Sugar Cane Grower1
121599Broadacre Crop Growers nec1
121611Flower Grower1
121612Fruit Grower1
121613Nut Grower1
121614Production Nursery Grower1
121615Turf Grower1
121616Vegetable Grower (Aus) / Market Gardener (NZ)1
121617Wine Grape Grower1
121699Horticultural Crop Growers nec1
121711Broadacre Crop and Livestock Farmer1
121799Mixed Production Farmers nec1
131112Sales and Marketing Manager1
131113Advertising Manager1
131114Public Relations Manager1
132111Corporate Services Manager1
132211Finance Manager1
132311Human Resource Manager1
132411Policy and Planning Manager1
132511Research and Development Manager1
133111Construction Project Manager1
133112Project Builder1
133211Engineering Manager1
133311Importer or Exporter1
133511Production Manager (Forestry)1
133512Production Manager (Manufacturing)1
133513Production Manager (Mining)1
133611Supply and Distribution Manager1
133612Procurement Manager1
134111Child Care Centre Manager1
134211Medical Administrator / Medical Superintendent1
134212Nursing Clinical Director1
134213Primary Health Organisation Manager1
134214Welfare Centre Manager1
134299Health and Welfare Services Managers nec1
134311School Principal1
134411Faculty Head1
134412Regional Education Manager1
134499Education Managers nec1
135111Chief Information Officer1
135112ICT Project Manager1
135199ICT Managers nec1
139911Arts Administrator or Manager1
139912Environmental Manager1
139913Laboratory Manager1
139915Sports Administrator1
139916Quality Assurance Manager1
139917Regulatory Affairs Manager1
139999Specialist Managers nec1
141111Cafe or Restaurant Manager2
141211Caravan Park and Camping Ground Manager2
141311Hotel or Motel Manager2
141411Licensed Club Manager2
141911Bed and Breakfast Operator2
141912Retirement Village Manager2
141999Accommodation and Hospitality Managers nec2
142111Retail Manager (General)2
142112Antique Dealer2
142113Betting Agency Manager2
142114Hair or Beauty Salon Manager2
142115Post Office Manager2
142116Travel Agency Manager2
149111Amusement Centre Manager2
149112Fitness Centre Manager2
149113Sports Centre Manager2
149211Call or Contact Centre Manager2
149212Customer Service Manager2
149311Conference and Event Organiser2
149411Fleet Manager2
149412Railway Station Manager2
149413Transport Company Manager2
149911Boarding Kennel or Cattery Operator2
149912Cinema or Theatre Manager2
149913Facilities Manager2
149914Financial Institution Branch Manager2
149915Equipment Hire Manager2
149999Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers nec2
211112Dancer or Choreographer1
211113Entertainer or Variety Artist1
211199Actors, Dancers and Other Entertainers nec1
ANZSCONameSkill Level
211212Music Director1
211213Musician (Instrumental)1
211299Music Professionals nec1
211411Painter (Visual Arts)1
211412Potter or Ceramic Artist1
211499Visual Arts and Crafts Professionals nec1
212111Artistic Director1
212112Media Producer (excluding Video)1
212113Radio Presenter1
212114Television Presenter1
212212Book or Script Editor1
212311Art Director (Film, Television or Stage)1
212312Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage)1
212313Director of Photography1
212314Film and Video Editor1
212315Program Director (Television or Radio)1
212316Stage Manager1
212317Technical Director1
212318Video Producer1
212399Film, Television, Radio and Stage Directors nec1
212412Newspaper or Periodical Editor1
212413Print Journalist1
212414Radio Journalist1
212415Technical Writer1
212416Television Journalist1
212499Journalists and Other Writers nec1
221111Accountant (General)1
221112Management Accountant1
221113Taxation Accountant1
221211Company Secretary1
221212Corporate Treasurer1
221213External Auditor1
221214Internal Auditor1
222111Commodities Trader2
222112Finance Broker2
222113Insurance Broker2
222199Financial Brokers nec2
222211Financial Market Dealer1
222212Futures Trader1
222213Stockbroking Dealer1
222299Financial Dealers nec1
222311Financial Investment Adviser1
222312Financial Investment Manager1
223111Human Resource Adviser1
223112Recruitment Consultant1
223113Workplace Relations Adviser1
223311Training and Development Professional1
224114Data Analyst1
224115Data Scientist1
224212Gallery or Museum Curator1
224213Health Information Manager1
224214Records Manager1
224412Policy Analyst1
224511Land Economist1
224712Organisation and Methods Analyst1
224713Management Consultant1
224714Supply Chain Analyst1
224912Liaison Officer1
224914Patents Examiner1
224999Information and Organisation Professionals nec1
225111Advertising Specialist1
225112Market Research Analyst1
225113Marketing Specialist1
225114Content Creator (Marketing)1
225115Digital Marketing Analyst1
225211ICT Account Manager1
225212ICT Business Development Manager1
225213ICT Sales Representative1
225311Public Relations Professional1
225411Sales Representative (Industrial Products)1
225412Sales Representative (Medical and Pharmaceutical Products)1
225499Technical Sales Representatives nec1
231111Aeroplane Pilot1
231113Flying Instructor1
231114Helicopter Pilot1
231199Air Transport Professionals nec1
231211Master Fisher2
231212Ship’s Engineer2
231213Ship’s Master2
231214Ship’s Officer2
231215Marine Surveyor2
231299Marine Transport Professionals nec2
232112Landscape Architect1
232214Other Spatial Scientist1
232311Fashion Designer1
ANZSCO Name Skill Level
232312 Industrial Designer 1
232313 Jewellery Designer 1
232411 Graphic Designer 1
232412 Illustrator 1
232413 Multimedia Designer 1
232414 Web Designer 1
232511 Interior Designer 2
232611 Urban and Regional Planner 1
233111 Chemical Engineer 1
233112 Materials Engineer 1
233211 Civil Engineer 1
233212 Geotechnical Engineer 1
233213 Quantity Surveyor 1
233214 Structural Engineer 1
233215 Transport Engineer 1
233311 Electrical Engineer 1
233411 Electronics Engineer 1
233511 Industrial Engineer 1
233512 Mechanical Engineer 1
233513 Production or Plant Engineer 1
233611 Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum) 1
233612 Petroleum Engineer 1
233911 Aeronautical Engineer 1
233912 Agricultural Engineer 1
233913 Biomedical Engineer 1
233914 Engineering Technologist 1
233915 Environmental Engineer 1
233916 Naval Architect / Marine Designer 1
233999 Engineering Professionals nec 1
234111 Agricultural Consultant 1
234113 Forester / Forest Scientist 1
234114 Agricultural Research Scientist 1
234115 Agronomist 1
234116 Aquaculture or Fisheries Scientist 1
234211 Chemist 1
234212 Food Technologist 1
234213 Wine Maker 1
234311 Conservation Officer 1
234312 Environmental Consultant 1
234313 Environmental Research Scientist 1
234314 Park Ranger 1
234399 Environmental Scientists nec 1
234411 Geologist 1
234412 Geophysicist 1
234413 Hydrogeologist 1
234511 Life Scientist (General) 1
234513 Biochemist 1
234514 Biotechnologist 1
234515 Botanist 1
234516 Marine Biologist 1
234517 Microbiologist 1
234521 Entomologist 1
234522 Zoologist 1
234599 Life Scientists nec 1
234611 Medical Laboratory Scientist 1
234612 Respiratory Scientist 1
234711 Veterinarian 1
234911 Conservator 1
234912 Metallurgist 1
234913 Meteorologist 1
234914 Physicist 1
234915 Exercise Physiologist 1
234999 Natural and Physical Science Professionals nec 1
241111 Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teacher 1
241213 Primary School Teacher 1
241311 Middle School Teacher / Intermediate School Teacher 1
241411 Secondary School Teacher 1
241511 Special Needs Teacher 1
241512 Teacher of the Hearing Impaired 1
241513 Teacher of the Sight Impaired 1
241599 Special Education Teachers nec 1
242111 University Lecturer 1
242112 University Tutor 1
242211 Vocational Education Teacher / Polytechnic Teacher 1
249111 Education Adviser 1
249112 Education Reviewer 1
249211 Art Teacher (Private Tuition) 1
249212 Dance Teacher (Private Tuition) 1
249213 Drama Teacher (Private Tuition) 1
249214 Music Teacher (Private Tuition) 1
249299 Private Tutors and Teachers nec 1
249311 Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages 1
251111 Dietitian 1
251112 Nutritionist 1
251211 Medical Diagnostic Radiographer 1
251212 Medical Radiation Therapist 1
251213 Nuclear Medicine Technologist 1
251214 Sonographer 1
251311 Environmental Health Officer 1
251312 Occupational Health and Safety Adviser 1
251411 Optometrist 1
251412 Orthoptist 1
251511 Hospital Pharmacist 1
251512 Industrial Pharmacist 1
251513 Retail Pharmacist 1
251911 Health Promotion Officer 1
251912 Orthotist or Prosthetist 1
251999 Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professionals nec 1
252111 Chiropractor 1
252112 Osteopath 1
ANZSCONameSkill Level
252214Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner1
252299Complementary Health Therapists nec1
252311Dental Specialist1
252411Occupational Therapist1
252712Speech Pathologist / Speech Language Therapist1
253111General Practitioner1
253112Resident Medical Officer1
253311Specialist Physician (General Medicine)1
253313Clinical Haematologist1
253314Medical Oncologist1
253317Intensive Care Specialist1
253322Renal Medicine Specialist1
253324Thoracic Medicine Specialist1
253399Specialist Physicians nec1
253511Surgeon (General)1
253512Cardiothoracic Surgeon1
253514Orthopaedic Surgeon1
253516Paediatric Surgeon1
253517Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon1
253521Vascular Surgeon1
253912Emergency Medicine Specialist1
253913Obstetrician and Gynaecologist1
253917Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist1
253918Radiation Oncologist1
253999Medical Practitioners nec1
254211Nurse Educator1
254212Nurse Researcher1
254311Nurse Manager1
254411Nurse Practitioner1
254412Registered Nurse (Aged Care)1
254413Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health)1
254414Registered Nurse (Community Health)1
254415Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency)1
254416Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability)1
254417Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation)1
254418Registered Nurse (Medical)1
254421Registered Nurse (Medical Practice)1
254422Registered Nurse (Mental Health)1
254423Registered Nurse (Perioperative)1
254424Registered Nurse (Surgical)1
254425Registered Nurse (Paediatrics)1
254499Registered Nurses nec1
261111ICT Business Analyst1
261112Systems Analyst1
261113User Experience Designer (ICT)1
261211Multimedia Specialist1
261212Web Developer1
261311Analyst Programmer1
261312Developer Programmer1
261313Software Engineer1
261314Software Tester1
261315Cyber Security Engineer1
261316Devops Engineer1
261317Penetration Tester1
261399Software and Applications Programmers nec1
262111Database Administrator1
262113Systems Administrator1
262114Cyber Governance Risk and Compliance Specialist1
262115Cyber Security Advice and Assessment Specialist1
262116Cyber Security Analyst1
262117Cyber Security Architect1
262118Cyber Security Operations Coordinator1
263111Computer Network and Systems Engineer1
263112Network Administrator1
263113Network Analyst1
263211ICT Quality Assurance Engineer1
263212ICT Support Engineer1
263213ICT Systems Test Engineer1
263299ICT Support and Test Engineers nec1
263311Telecommunications Engineer1
263312Telecommunications Network Engineer1
271214Intellectual Property Lawyer1
271299Judicial and Other Legal Professionals nec1
272111Careers Counsellor1
272112Drug and Alcohol Counsellor1
272113Family and Marriage Counsellor1
ANZSCONameSkill Level
272114Rehabilitation Counsellor1
272115Student Counsellor1
272199Counsellors nec1
272211Minister of Religion1
272311Clinical Psychologist1
272312Educational Psychologist1
272313Organisational Psychologist1
272399Psychologists nec1
272499Social Professionals nec1
272511Social Worker1
272611Community Arts Worker1
272612Recreation Officer / Recreation Coordinator1
272613Welfare Worker1
311112Agricultural and Agritech Technician2
311113Animal Husbandry Technician2
311114Aquaculture or Fisheries Technician2
311115Irrigation Designer2
311211Anaesthetic Technician2
311212Cardiac Technician2
311213Medical Laboratory Technician2
311214Operating Theatre Technician3
311215Pharmacy Technician2
311216Pathology Collector / Phlebotomist3
311217Respiratory Technician2
311299Medical Technicians nec2
311311Fisheries Officer2
311312Meat Inspector2
311313Biosecurity Officer2
311314Primary Products Quality Assurance Officer2
311399Primary Products Assurance and Inspection Officers nec2
311411Chemistry Technician2
311412Earth Science Technician2
311413Life Science Technician2
311414School Laboratory Technician2
311499Science Technicians nec2
312111Architectural Draftsperson2
312112Building Associate2
312113Building Inspector2
312114Construction Estimator2
312115Plumbing Inspector2
312116Surveying or Spatial Science Technician2
312199Architectural, Building and Surveying Technicians nec2
312211Civil Engineering Draftsperson2
312212Civil Engineering Technician2
312311Electrical Engineering Draftsperson2
312312Electrical Engineering Technician2
312411Electronic Engineering Draftsperson2
312412Electronic Engineering Technician2
312511Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson2
312512Mechanical Engineering Technician2
312611Safety Inspector2
312911Maintenance Planner2
312912Metallurgical or Materials Technician2
312913Mine Deputy2
312914Other Draftsperson2
312999Building and Engineering Technicians nec2
313111Hardware Technician2
313112ICT Customer Support Officer2
313113Web Administrator2
313199ICT Support Technicians nec2
313211Radiocommunications Technician2
313212Telecommunications Field Engineer2
313213Telecommunications Network Planner2
313214Telecommunications Technical Officer or Technologist2
321111Automotive Electrician3
321211Motor Mechanic (General)3
321212Diesel Motor Mechanic3
321213Motorcycle Mechanic3
321214Small Engine Mechanic3
322114Metal Casting Trades Worker3
322115Metal Polisher3
322211Sheetmetal Worker3
322311Metal Fabricator3
322312Pressure Welder3
322313Welder (First Class) (Aus) / Welder (NZ)3
323111Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics)3
323112Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical)3
323113Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structures)3
323211Fitter (General)3
323212Fitter and Turner3
323214Metal Machinist (First Class)3
323215Textile, Clothing and Footwear Mechanic3
323299Metal Fitters and Machinists nec3
323314Precision Instrument Maker and Repairer3
323315Saw Doctor3
323316Watch and Clock Maker and Repairer3
323411Engineering Patternmaker3
ANZSCONameSkill Level
324211Vehicle Body Builder3
324212Vehicle Trimmer3
324311Vehicle Painter3
331211Carpenter and Joiner3
332111Floor Finisher3
333211Plasterer (Wall and Ceiling)3
333212Renderer (Solid Plaster)3
333311Roof Tiler3
333411Wall and Floor Tiler3
334112Airconditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber3
334115Roof Plumber3
334116Plumber (General)3
334117Fire Protection Plumber3
341111Electrician (General)3
341112Electrician (Special Class)3
341113Lift Mechanic3
342111Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic3
342211Electrical Linesworker / Electrical Line Mechanic3
342212Technical Cable Jointer3
342311Business Machine Mechanic3
342312Communications Operator3
342313Electronic Equipment Trades Worker3
342314Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (General)3
342315Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special Class)3
342411Cabler (Data and Telecommunications)3
342412Telecommunications Cable Jointer3
342413Telecommunications Linesworker / Telecommunications Line Mechanic3
342414Telecommunications Technician3
351211Butcher or Smallgoods Maker3
361111Dog Handler or Trainer3
361112Horse Trainer3
361116Track Rider3
361311Veterinary Nurse3
362312Sports Turf Manager2
362313Sports Turf Trades Worker3
362512Tree Worker3
362611Gardener (General)3
362711Landscape Gardener3
362712Irrigation Technician3
363111Aquaculture Supervisor3
363112Fishing Leading Hand3
363113Forestry Operations Supervisor3
363114Horticultural Supervisor or Specialist3
363115Senior Broadacre Crop and Livestock Farm Worker3
363116Senior Broadacre Crop Farm Worker3
363117Vineyard Supervisor3
363199Senior Aquaculture, Crop and Forestry Workers nec3
363211Senior Beef Cattle Station Worker3
363212Senior Cattle and Sheep Farm Worker3
363213Senior Dairy Cattle Farm Worker3
363214Senior Piggery Stockperson3
363215Senior Sheep Farm Worker3
363299Senior Livestock Farm Workers nec3
363312Wool Classer3
392111Print Finisher3
392112Screen Printer3
392211Graphic Pre-press Trades Worker3
392311Printing Machinist3
392312Small Offset Printer3
393111Canvas Goods Fabricator3
393112Leather Goods Maker3
393113Sail Maker3
393211Apparel Cutter3
393212Clothing Patternmaker3
393213Dressmaker or Tailor3
393299Clothing Trades Workers nec3
394112Cabinet Maker3
394113Furniture Maker3
394211Furniture Finisher3
394212Picture Framer3
394213Wood Machinist3
394214Wood Turner3
394299Wood Machinists and Other Wood Trades Workers nec3
399111Boat Builder and Repairer3
399211Chemical Plant Operator3
399212Gas or Petroleum Operator3
399213Power Generation Plant Operator3
ANZSCONameSkill Level
399311Gallery or Museum Technician2
399312Library Technician2
399511Broadcast Transmitter Operator3
399512Camera Operator (Film, Television or Video)3
399513Light Technician3
399514Make Up Artist3
399515Musical Instrument Maker or Repairer3
399516Sound Technician3
399517Television Equipment Operator3
399599Performing Arts Technicians nec3
399912Interior Decorator2
399913Optical Dispenser / Dispensing Optician3
399914Optical Mechanic3
399916Plastics Technician3
399918Fire Protection Equipment Technician3
399999Technicians and Trades Workers nec3
411111Ambulance Officer2
411112Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedic (Aus) / Ambulance Paramedic (NZ)1
411211Dental Hygienist1
411212Dental Prosthetist2
411213Dental Technician2
411214Dental Therapist1
411311Diversional Therapist3
411411Enrolled Nurse2
411412Mothercraft Nurse2
411611Massage Therapist2
411711Community Worker2
411712Disabilities Services Officer2
411713Family Support Worker2
411715Residential Care Officer2
411716Youth Worker2
421111Child Care Worker3
421114Out of School Hours Care Worker3
423411Child or Youth Residential Care Assistant3
423413Refuge Worker3
431411Hotel Service Manager2
441211Emergency Service Worker3
442216Security Consultant3
451111Beauty Therapist3
451211Driving Instructor3
451311Funeral Director2
451399Funeral Workers nec3
451412Tour Guide3
451612Travel Consultant3
451711Flight Attendant3
451811Civil Celebrant3
451815First Aid Trainer3
452211Bungy Jump Master2
452212Fishing Guide3
452213Hunting Guide3
452214Mountain or Glacier Guide2
452215Outdoor Adventure Instructor3
452216Trekking Guide3
452217Whitewater Rafting Guide3
452299Outdoor Adventure Guides nec3
452311Diving Instructor (Open Water)3
452313Horse Riding Coach or Instructor3
452314Snowsport Instructor3
452317Other Sports Coach or Instructor4
452318Dog and Horse Racing Official3
452321Sports Development Officer2
452322Sports Umpire3
452323Other Sports Official3
452499Sportspersons nec3
511111Contract Administrator2
511112Program or Project Administrator2
512111Office Manager2
512211Health Practice Manager2
512299Practice Managers nec2
521111Personal Assistant2
521211Secretary (General)2
521212Legal Secretary2
541111Call or Contact Centre Team Leader3
552111Bank Worker3
552211Credit or Loans Officer (Aus) / Finance Clerk (NZ)3
599112Legal Executive2
599211Clerk of Court3
599212Court Bailiff or Sheriff (Aus) / Court Collections Officer (NZ)3
599213Court Orderly (Aus) / Court Registry Officer (NZ)3
599214Law Clerk3
599215Trust Officer3
599611Insurance Investigator3
599612Insurance Loss Adjuster3
599613Insurance Risk Surveyor2
599915Clinical Coder3
611112Stock and Station Agent3
611211Insurance Agent3
612111Business Broker3
612112Property Manager3
612113Real Estate Agency Principal / Real Estate Agency Licensee2
ANZSCONameSkill Level
612114Real Estate Agent3
612115Real Estate Representative3
639211Retail Buyer3
639212Wool Buyer3