Canada Skilled Workers Visa

The Canadian Government offers skilled migration Visa program encourages skilled workers to settle in Canada and work there to make a contribution to their economy. For this purpose, they have introduced Canada Skilled Visa and Canada work visa programs for express entry, they are as follows:

skilled migrant visa Canada- Skilled Visa Canada

1. Skilled Immigration Canada – Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW):

All visa applications for Canadian immigration under Federal Skilled Worker Program are assessed on the basis of their ability to settle and prosper economically once he/ she migrates to Canada. They are assessed on the basis of their academic background, English or French language skills and work experience related to the skilled migration visa types required under the National Occupation Classification.

Work visa for Canada are broken down into the following groups:

  • Skill Type 0 – Management Jobs
  • Skill Level A – Professionals (jobs requiring a university degree)
  • Skill Level B – technical skills (jobs requiring college diplomas)
  • Skill Level C – Intermediate Jobs (jobs requiring high school certificate or job training)
  • Skill Level D – Labor Jobs (with on job training)

Skilled Immigration Canada – Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTC)

Federal Skilled Trades Program is offered to skilled workers who demonstrate their ability to settle and prosper in the Canadian economy after skilled immigration. Under this program, the applicants holding relevant certifications or job offers are allowed to work in various fields of occupation in order to get Permanent Residency in Canada in any province other than Quebec.

The applicants should have at least 2 job offers from Canadian employers having minimum work duration of 1 year and should meet the minimum English language requirement.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)- Migration Visa Canada

Canadian Experience Class is for individuals who are temporarily in Canada as foreign skilled workers and would like to apply for Permanent Residency. Applicants for CEC are ideal for Canadian skilled immigration as they have already gained work experience in Canada and have adapted to the lifestyle and economy. It is essential that the candidate for Canada Skilled Workers Visa has a minimum 1 year of professional work experience or 36 months of skilled work experience in Canada prior to the visa application date. They are also required to meet the minimum English language requirements and should plan to live and work in Canada.

Benefit to International Students

CEC is an extremely viable option for international students studying in Canadian Universities. This is because most of the students are able to stay in Canada after the completion of their program on the basis of Postgraduate work permit. Once they gain one year of work experience during this period, they become eligible to apply for CEC under express entry program.

Provincial Nominee Program in Canada

Provincial Nominee Programs are basically skilled immigration programs under which the Canadian provinces and territories nominate skilled workers to migrate and settle in Canada. The participating provinces have mutually agreed with CIC to allow the nominated applicants to migrate to Canada in the respective provinces. Each province has set its own nomination criteria according to its own skill needs and the applicants’ ability to live and work there, hence, contributing to the well being of the region.

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