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Family Migration Visa for Canada from Karachi, Pakistan Family migration visas for Canada are designed for individuals who have family members living in Canada as citizens or permanent residents and are above 18 years of age. Individuals holding any of the following categories of family visa are eligible to study and work in Canada while their Permanent Residence application is being processed.

Following are the subcategories of Family Migration Visa:

Partner or Dependent Children Visa:

Under this category of family visa, individuals who are citizens or permanent residents of Canada can sponsor their partners or dependent children to migrate to Canada and settle there. Such visa holders are allowed to work and study in Canada.

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Parents or Grandparents Visa:

Under this family visa category, Canadian citizens or permanent residents can sponsor their parents or grandparents to apply for Canadian immigration under. Also, it is important for the one sponsoring to take the responsibility to cover their expenses and ensure that they do not apply for financial support at any later stage during their stay in Canada.

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Relatives Visa:

Relatives Visa allows Canadian citizens or permanent residents who want their relatives to join them in Canada. Such individuals can sponsor their relatives to apply for Canadian Immigration under the Family Class and agree to support the applicant financially when they he/ she arrives in Canada. The applicant needs to ensure that he/ she meets the health and character requirements and should not have any prior criminal record.

Relatives who can be sponsored:

  • Spouse
  • Dependent Children
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Nephew
  • Niece
  • Orphan Grandchildren who are single and below 18 years of age

To be a sponsor you must:

  • Be above 18 years of age
  • Meet certain income threshold
  • Provide written proof agreeing to cover the relative’s expenses upon their arrival for upto 10 years depending on their age and relationship with you.

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How can AINiT help you get your Family Migration Visa for Canada?

Our experts are licensed in providing professional assistance and advice related to all your immigration issues. We have already assisted many of our clients from Karachi and other cities in Pakistan with Canadian immigration under Family migration category.

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“Irrespective of whether my PR application to Canada will succeed or not, I want to call out that AINiT are the best Immigration consultants in Pakistan by any stretch. They have set the bar high when it comes to professionalism, always them when you need them most and makes you ...

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Qamar Zaman - Canada Immigration
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Muhammad Amjad Siddiqui - Australia Immigration
“We are happy with their consultancy services, their service was great over all and their staff were very co-operative. We would specially like to thank Mr. Aftab Syed as well as the whole Ainit staff. I would highly recommend them to my friends and relatives.”

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Junaid Siddiqui - Australia Immigration
“My experience was really good with AINiT. Yes, there were times when I had to call them up for an update but other than that, their consultants are very helpful, they guided me through-out the process. I would definitely recommend it to my friends :)”

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Edna Dalton- Australia Student Visa
I came to know AINiT when one of my close friends acquired their services and successfully migrated to Australia. This gave me the confidence to approach AINiT for family immigration and since the day I registered till the day my visa grant I never regretted my decision. I am very ...

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