No Further Stay 8503

When you depart Australia a ‘No Further Stay’ condition will not stop you from applying for other visas.

It is a condition that does not allow to apply for temporary and permanent visa when you are in Australia. It has some conditions including 8503,8534 and 8535. If any of these conditions are imposed, then you are unable to apply for any visa except Protection visa.

If 8503 is applied to your visa, then you can only apply for Protection visa. It is an obligatory condition for Visitor’ class (600), Work and Holiday Visa and Training and Research Visa.

In other case, if your visa has a condition of 8504, then you have the following limited options for further visa.

  • Student Guardian Visa (590)
  • Protection Visa
  • Temporary Graduate Visa

Lastly, if you visa condition has an 8505 clause, then there are only two options for further visas.

  • Student visa (supported by government)
  • Protection visa

If you seek professional guidance and advice regarding visa cancellation or refusal. AINIT is here to help you out.

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