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Reasons to Study in China from Pakistan

Many Pakistani students choose to study in China from Pakistan because of its ever growing educational sector which is now becoming quite popular worldwide. It is considered to be one of the most populous countries having a long history along with rich and exciting culture.

Here are some reasons why students choose to study in China from Karachi, Pakistan:

  • China boasts about its modern and state of the art transportation infrastructure having buses, taxis and a modern subway system. This does not only make it convenient for students to travel to and from their institutes/ universities but is inexpensive as well.
  • The overall cost to study Visa in china is comparatively cheaper as compared to other study destinations like the US, Japan and other European countries.
  • It is considered to be the most stable country to live in as it is the fastest growing economy in the world.
  • The constant growth of educational sector in China pertains to the country’s ongoing efforts to invest heavily in higher education and build more universities meeting international standards.
  • Another reason for student Visa China is that the degrees awarded at Chinese Universities are recognized all across the globe.
  • Countries like the USA, UK and many others have agreed on mutual recognition of academic qualifications from Chinese educational system.

Study in China – X1 & X2 Visas

Just like any other study destination, China also required international students to have a valid student visa if they wish to study in China. For acquiring student visa, the applicants must have an acceptance offer to study from an accredited university in China that is allowed to recruit international students in its study programs. Once the student has received the offer or acceptance, they are supposed to obtain X1 or X2 student visas which allow them to stay in China for study purposes.

However, students holding a Chinese student visa are not allowed to work while their studies are in session. Part-time work or internships can become an exception in some case after a particular period of time solely dedicated to studies.

How can AINiT help you?

At AINiT, our team of professional study in China consultants will guide you throughout the admission process. After assessing your academic history, we will help you choose the most suitable course according to your credentials. We assess each case independently, so you get brighter and more accurate results based on customized research according to your individual case. We provide students with complete assistance for your admission, preparation of your application, seeking scholarships and applying for your student visa China from Karachi.

To check your eligibility, please fill out the Student assessment form and one of our Qualified Student Counselors will get back to you at the earliest.

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