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Reasons to Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the highly recognized study destinations in the world where students from all over the world come for higher education. Following are some of the major reasons why most students choose New Zealand study visa from Karachi,Pakistan:

  • Education provided at institutes and universities in New Zealand is comparatively cheaper than Australia, Canada and other popular study destinations in the world.
  • New Zealanders are a welcoming nation, therefore international students adjust and mingle in the environment easily.
  • The country has a safe and calm environment with a strong democratic culture and sound political system.
  • The education system in the universities in New Zealand is structured similar to that of the British education system and hence its education has global recognition.
  • There are immense work opportunities for international students, they can work 20 hours per week part-time during their study period and 40 hours per week during their holidays. This way, the students get to cover some of their education and living expenses without any worry.
  • After completion of studies, the students can get a work permit for 1 year which can further lead to permanent residency.
  • Student Visa processing time is faster than other countries.

Student Visa for New Zealand

If you are an international student planning study in New Zealand, there are various types of student visas that you can apply for depending on your circumstances. There are separate Student Visa New Zealand from Pakistan for training, school or tertiary level study.

Fee Paying Student Visa

New Zealand Fee Paying Student Visa is specifically for those individuals who intend to study in New Zealand in a full-time academic program with a duration of more than 3 years. To obtain this study visa for New Zealand, one must have a confirmation of enrollment in a study program at an approved education provider in New Zealand and be able to provide evidence on funds to cover his/her tuition fees and living expenses.

Benefits of this study Visa for New Zealand:

  • Study in New Zealand in a full-time course
  • Work up-to 20 hours a week while studying and for unlimited hours during holidays
  • Live in New Zealand until the validity of your study visa (up to 4 years)
  • Apply for work visa after graduation.

Pathway Student Visa

International students who intending to study in New Zealand for up to 3 consecutive courses on the same study visa for New Zealand are supposed to obtain a Pathway Student Visa. To get this visa, one must have an offer of acceptance from a valid Pathway Education Provider in New Zealand, pay 1st year’s tuition fee and provide evidence of sufficient funds to cover tuition fee of the following courses.

Benefits of this Visa:

  • Study up to 3 courses consecutively on the same student visa.
  • Work up-to 20 hours a week while studying and for unlimited hours during holidays
  • Apply for work visa after graduation.
  • Live in New Zealand until the validity of your student visa (up to 5 years)

Why to choose AINiT for study visa for New Zealand from Pakistan?

As a Qualified Study in New Zealand Consultants and professional Education Counselor, Mr. Aftab Syed along with his trained New Zealand Study Consultants can guide you select the most suitable courses based on rigorous assessment of your academic background. Our team has successfully sent many students from Karachi and other cities of Pakistan for Study in New Zealand.

To check your eligibility, please fill out the Student assessment form and one of our Qualified Student Counselors will get back to you at the earliest.

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