UK TIER 1 Investor Visa

A UK Tier 1 Investor Visa allows you to enter, stay and settle in the UK if you have a substantial amount of money to invest. For UK TIER 1 Investor Visa, the required investment amount for a Tier 1 Investor visa is currently £2 million and the processing time usually take 2-3 weeks, depending on your country.

Looking to invest in the UK? It is important to seek legal advice from a registered business migration agent to understand the migration options which are open for you, to ensure your case is effectively represented to the authorities and to avoid any refusals or delays with your application.

The applicant must score 75 points in order to have their visa granted. Also applicants do not need to provide proof of their English language proficiency or their access to maintenance funds.

Conditions for point table:

Have at least £2,000,000 of your own money to invest, and:

  • Must show evidence of how much money you have
  • Must have evidence of where the money is held
  • Must show proof that you’ve had the money for longer than 3 months OR;
  • Must show proof of how you obtained the money
  • Also show proof that the money is available to spend in the UK

Have at least £2,000,000 of your partner’s money, and:

  • Must show proof that you are married or in a civil partnership OR;
  • Must have proof that you have been in a relationship for more than 2 years
  • Must have a statement of your partner’s permission to invest the money and;
  • Must have a statement from a lawyer that your partner’s statement of permission is legally valid and not fake

The UK Tier 1 visa is valid for 3 years and 4 months, depending on the investment level you can gain unlimited leave to remain in the UK after spending between two and five years (minus 28 days). If you want to accelerate unlimited leave to remain in the UK then you would need to show that you have invested more than £2 million pounds.

  • £2 million investment – Towards the end of 5 years stay in the UK
  • Investment of £ 5 million – Towards the end of 3 years stay in the UK
  • Investment of £ 10 million – Towards the end of 2 years stay in the UK

Documents required for Tier 1 Visa UK:

For Tier 1 Investor Visa, you must provide several documents with their application, which includes:

  • Current passport and/or other travel documents
  • A separate passport photograph
  • A clear tuberculosis (TB) test result letter is required
  • A criminal record certificate from any country they have lived in for more than one year in the past ten years
  • The evidence required for all the documents which is mentioned above.
  • Other activities and restrictions

Tier 1 investor visa holders can work and study in the UK alongside investing in active businesses, and can apply to settle (gaining PR) after a set period of time which depends on how much they have invested in the UK. Those who invest £5,000,000 or more can apply to settle after 3 years, while those who invest £10,000,000 or more may apply after 2 years.

Investors on this visa cannot invest in any other company whose main business activities involve managing, developing, or investing in property.

Also you have the option to apply for Tier 1 Investor visa while staying in the UK. You can extend your permission to stay in the UK as an investor if you are currently on one of the following visas:

  • As a Tier 1 (General), (Entrepreneur) or (Investor) Migrant; or
  • As a Tier 1 (Post-Study Work) Migrant, as a Businessperson, Innovator, Investor or Student; or
  • As a Student Nurse, as a Student Re-sitting an Examination, writing up a thesis, work permit holder, writer, composer or artist, Tier 2 Migrant or Tier 4 Migrant.
  • As a Highly Skilled Migrant

Tier 1 Investor Visa Extension

After completing a total of 3 years and 4 months initially, holders of Tier 1 Investor visa can apply to extend their stay in the UK for a further 2 years under Tier 1.

The application process for extending Tier 1 Investor visa can be a bit complex as the criteria is strict & the requirements to provide full and accurate supporting documentation relating to UK investment activity is very precise.

If your supporting documentation is not up to date, then there might be a chance of difficulty in your initial Tier 1 Investor Visa application & failure to present a complete application can lead to delays in a decision or even refusal.

How can AINiT help you obtain Tier 1 Visa for UK?

Our CEO, Mr. Aftab Syed is a certified Business Migration Agent Counselor in Pakistan and he specializes in UK Tier 1 Investor Visa, having hands-on experience over the immigration law system. Along with his team, he can provide you with diligent and professional information about immigration systems and assist you with your visa application. We have the expertise to advise you on the most suitable category of visa according to your circumstances and have the insight to make the process as smooth as possible. We have an established reputation for effective and efficient management and processing of visa applications, and for providing expert visa-related advice. We also understand the stresses involved with moving across the world, and take great pride in playing a supportive role to ease the pressure.

If you require advice or support with your investor visa application, speak to our Tier 1 specialists today!

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