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How To Apply For Studying In Germany From Pakistan?

German universities are highly amazing research-oriented institutes and are valued for their quality of education, high-end facilities, affordable fee structure, qualified academic staff as well as amazing career opportunities. This is the reason why so many Pakistani students as well as students from other countries are willing to study in this country.

If you are a Pakistani citizen that is willing to apply to acquire a degree in Germany but have no relevant information about its requirements, please go through the article below.

Types Of German Student Visas That Could Be Obtained:

The student can obtain a German student visa if you are willing to acquire any of the following study types:

      • Full-time academic studies

      • German language courses.

      • Propaedeutic course.

      • Mandatory preliminary internship.

    These are just a few of the types of streams that the applicant can go through to acquire an education in Germany.

    Requirements To File An Application For A German Student Visa:

    You can file an application for acquiring a German student visa through the German embassy, consulate, or any other intermediating application in your country. The decision about the application usually depends on the information and the supporting documents the applicant is offering. These documents are required to be submitted as originals accompanied by two photocopies of each.

    Here is a checklist of the documents that you are required to submit to file an application for a German student visa:

        • Two completed national visa application forms.
        • Valid national passport.
        • Two photographs have been taken recently.
        • Proof that you have been admitted to a German education institution which could include an admission letter to a foundation course, propaedeutic course, or German language course depending on your choice.
        • Proof of German language proficiency which could include a German language diploma or other relevant qualification that proves your linguistic proficiency. Alternatively, the applicants could also offer proof of English language proficiency which includes programs such as IELTS, and TOEFL if they are filing an application for a program in the German language.
        • Authorized certifications or documentation of earlier education could be obtained from a German education provider or an institution in your home country.
        • Curriculum Vitae which is the evidence of previous or current internship or work experiences that you have acquired in German or foreign universities.
        • Evidence of financial resources that offer the proof that you have the required finances to cover your cost of living, accommodation as well as the fees for acquiring education. A blocked account is one of the easiest and fastest ways to open a German blocked account.
        • A letter of commitment by a resident that would be issued by a person living in Germany that shows they would be covering your accommodation as well as other living costs while you are staying there.
        • Letter of a declaration by a parent which will offer the proof that they would be able to support you during your stay there which should be supplemented by their bank statements for at least 6 months.
        • Scholarship awarding certificate that must prove that you are the receiver and you have the amount.

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      Requirements For Pakistani Students To Study In Germany:

      After the student has finally made a decision about the course they would like to pursue, they can check out and fulfill the entry requirements. For doing so, they can visit the website of the universities that they have chosen and their sections about the university requirements.

      The requirements of entry are set out individually by the university that has been chosen, these could vary depending on the institute the student has chosen, field, and level of their study.

      Essential Notes:

          • Acquire information from the university if there is a requirement for additional legalization on the documentation or if they are required to be notarized before the submission, in addition to the translated copies.
          • Assess if the previous qualification is eligible in Germany because if that is not the case then they might be required to give an examination for a two-semesters preparatory course.
          • The qualification might be partially recognized in Germany. In such a case, they can only study a short list of subjects at the university.
          • Be sure to check multiple times if there’s something missing in the application paperwork.

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        Accommodation In Germany:

        After they have secured a place in a German university and have acquired a student visa, they can now start seeking a place to stay in Germany. To save time, we suggest that the applicant should make the arrangements well before arriving in the country.

        It is highly recommended that the student shares a flat with someone as most international students in Germany do the same. This would ultimately enable them to reduce the cost of living and studying in Germany to a great extent.

        Apply Now:

        If you are willing to apply for a german student visa, just get in touch with AINiT and one of our experts would be there to assist you with your concerns.

        Don’t forget to check your eligibility if you are interested as the assessment is absolutely free of cost. Please fill out the assessment form and one of our Expert Immigration Consultants will get back to you at the earliest.


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