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Many students file an application to study abroad in Australia and are able to acquire the visa to continue their studies however some of them change their minds during their studies and plan to switch to another course.

If you are one of such students, this article offers the guidance that you need to do so. International students that are studying in Australia who are willing to change courses can do so by following these steps:

Review the eligibility requirements:

Before applying to change courses, international students need to ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria for the new course, such as academic and English language proficiency requirements. Once you have done this, you can be sure that the course that you have selected is suitable for you to pursue.

Contact the current education provider:

Students should contact their current education provider and discuss their intention to change the course. Their current education provider will offer further assistance on the course which would enable the student to make the right choice and ensure that their education journey stays smooth.

Apply for a new student visa:

International students who change courses will need to apply for a new student visa to cover their studies in the new course if their current visa is about to expire. The application process can be done online and requires students to provide information about their new course and evidence of financial support.

Provide evidence of enrolment in the new course:

When applying for a new student visa, students will need to provide evidence of their enrolment in the new course. This evidence could be in the form of a letter of offer or enrolment confirmation from the education provider that you have applied for.

Meet the conditions of the student visa:

Once the student visa is granted, international students will be required to meet the conditions of the visa, such as maintaining adequate health insurance and attending classes regularly.

It is important to note that international students should be aware that changing courses may impact their length of stay in Australia, as some courses have longer durations than others. It is also recommended that students research and consider the long-term implications of changing courses, such as the impact on their future career plans and visa options.

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