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The ANZSCO skilled occupations list illustrates how the particular options are compared with the rest. For Skilled Migration to Australia, it is highly essential for the applicant to have their occupation on the relevant list and have a competitive number of points in PR. This article would be sharing with the applicant five of the best tips that will assist them in increasing their PR points.

Receive A Nomination Through A State Or Territory:

This is considered as one of the best ways through which the applicants can guarantee themselves extra points. By acquiring a nomination from a state or territory government, the applicants would be equipped with the specific skills or experience that are in high demand in that particular region. If the applicants think they have the required expertise, then they go ahead and apply for a position that could lead to a nomination.

Score Higher For Your English Language Test:

Another way that the applicant can increase their points is through scoring highly on any English language tests that they may get themselves assessed in. Most of these tests include assessments such as IELTS, TOEFL and PTE that would assess their reading, writing, listening as well as speaking abilities. The higher the applicants score on these tests, the more points they would be able to receive.

Complete A Professional Year Program:

The applicant would also have the ability to add 5 extra points towards their score through enrolling in a professional year program. These are the programs that must be completed after the applicant has received degree or diploma as these assist them in bridging the gap between study and employment in Australia. If the applicant is looking for a way they can gain some extra points, then this is the perfect opportunity.

Obtain Work Experience In Australia:

Having work experience on a resume is highly essential, however the applicant should also know that it can assist them in earning extra points. If the applicant has acquired an experience of at least 12 months full time working in Australia, they would have eligibility for earning up to 5 more extra points.

Accredited Translator:

By becoming an accredited translator, the applicant would also have an ability to earn 5 additional points in their scoring. There are many ways through which the applicant can become an accredited translator, however one of the most popular options is through the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). This is an authority that offers examinations and courses that can assist them in become accredited.

Acquire More Assistance:

These are just some of the ways through which the applicant can increase their chances of obtaining an Australian PR. Get in touch with professional team of AINiT for obtaining further assistance as our experts are always here to ensure the best results for the applicants by evaluating their profile and offering the best guidance for them.

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