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Points Table:

Your goal is to reach 65 Points (there aren’t any PRs given at 60 points anymore).

Step 1: Register for IELTS and Prepare

There are other tests that can be used in place for IELTS, such as PTE, but it is compulsory to prepare and take an English test.

The good news is that only IELTS General Training Test is required, which is much simpler than Academic Training.

IELTS test has 4 components: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking.

In order to get 10 points towards total score, you need to have at least 7 score in each of the 4 components.

In order to get 20 points towards total score, you need to have at least 8 score in each of the 4 components.

Step 2: Skills Assessment from Engineers Australia (officially known as Migration Skills Assessment)

This is the step to secure 15 points for Bachelors or Masters Degree, and another 5 to 10 points for work experience.

To get Skills Assessed, create an account on Engineers Australia portal, which is the official body designated by Department of Immigration, Australia.

Once there, click on ‘Apply For Migration Skills Assessment’ and follow the instructions.

You will need to write CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) at this stage

The CDR consists of 3 parts:

Continuing Professional Development
Three Career Episodes
Summary Statement
Here are more details about each one of them.

Step 3: Expression of Interest (EOI)

After completing step 1 and 2, you are ready to submit your Expression of Interest (EOI).

EOI is completed online by logging into portal called, SkillSelect.

It is completely FREE to submit and it didn’t take me more than 30 minutes to fill in the information.

Select visa type: Skilled – Independent (Subclass 189)

Enter your IETLS score information, Education qualification, and Employment details.

On the Skills Assessment section, select your occupation, as the one that has been endorsed by Engineers Australia in Step 2.

Select Yes for the question asking ‘Does the client have a suitable skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority?’.

No documents are needed to be attached for proof at this stage but reference number for both IELTS and Skills Assessment by Engineers Australia has to be provided.

Press Submit. Then wait for 1–3 months, depending on your score.

Step 4: Visa Application

You will have 60 days after the EOI acceptance invitation to make a visa application online.

To lodge visa application, followed this link to Immigration portal.

This step is extremely simple as well.

You just have to submit visa application form online which will take 5 minutes to fill as most of the information will be repeated from EOI.

Then you will attach scanned versions of relevant documents (don’t have to be certified).

Documents Required:

– Positive Skills Assessment evidence by Engineers Australia

– Age (Passport or Birth Certificate)

– IELTS Result

– Degree & Employment Proof (same as submitted to Engineers Australia in Step2)

After about a month, they asked me for Form 80. This was a bit lengthy form to fill in.

Information to fill in form 80:

Residential addresses for last 10 years
Travel history for last 10 years (trick I used to complete this section was to see the stamps and dates of those stamps on my passport)
Internships and part-time work information
Parents and siblings’ basic information (name, date of birth, citizenship)
2-line answer to why I am traveling to Australia, and why do I want to remain in Australia

This part was lengthy but simple and no extra documentary evidence was required.

Once submitted, you will be asked to submit Police Character Certificate (from countries you have lived in the past 10 years) and also get Medical check-up done from the designated lab in your city.

Don’t forget to check your eligibility if you are interested as the assessment is absolutely free of cost. Please fill out the assessment form and one of our Expert Immigration Consultants will get back to you at the earliest.


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