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Right from amazing scenery to an amazing education system and healthcare as well as business and investment opportunities, Canada is one of the countries that offers a great lifestyle for their citizens. This is the reason why so many individuals around the world are choosing this country to move to so that they can acquire an opportunity to file an application for a permanent resident visa of the country.

The permanent resident visa of Canada enables individuals to live in the country permanently which is similar to acquiring a green card in the USA. Soon after your application has been approved, you will be given a permanent residence which would allow you to move to any province of your choice in the country.

This article would be offering guidance for you on how you can file an application for acquiring a Canadian permanent residence visa as well as eligibility, requirements, and advantages of having it.

Advantages Of Acquiring A Canadian Permanent Residency Visa:

The permanent residents of Canada would have the ability enjoy the following rights and benefits in the country:

Reside And Work In Canada:

Canada is one of the friendliest and safest countries in the world when it comes to quality of living and also offers great employment opportunities. By becoming a permanent resident of the country, you would also have the freedom to move to any province in the country.

Ability To Bring Family Members:

When you acquire a permanent residency visa in Canada, you would also have the freedom to sponsor your family members to come along and enjoy the same benefits which include acquiring high-quality education and employment in the country.

Education And Healthcare Benefits:

If an individual is given permanent residency status in the country, their children would also have the ability to acquire free-of-cost education in the country up until 12th class (16-17 years). The system of education in the country is also considered to be one of the finest. Additionally, permanent residents of the university fees in the country is lesser for the Canadian citizens.

Visa Renewal:

The Canada permanent residence card has the validity for a period of five years and could be renewed based on having good past history as well as experience. The best thing about it is that there are no restrictions when it comes to number of visa renewals one can acquire.

Canadian Citizenship:

A person could be eligible to file an application for Canadian citizenship by living in the country for three out of the most recent five years after the acquisition of permanent residency status. The applicants would also be required to qualify a citizenship test and prove they have a proficient level of English language skills.

Business Opportunity:

By acquiring a permanent residency in Canada, you would also have the ability to initiate a business in the country which could be done through being a single owner, forming a partnership, or creating a corporation.

Permanent Resident Visa Application Process:

You can obtain a permanent resident visa in Canada by utilizing a lot of different ways. However, the easiest way through which you can acquire permanent residency is by obtaining a study or work permit in the country after which you would have the ability to file an application for permanent residence in the country.

Requirements For Filing An Application For A PR:

You would be required to submit all the details of your profile that includes your education, employment as well as other information. The application could be filed through different streams, the major ones of which include express entry, business class, provincial nomination, and Atlantic immigration.

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