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8 Points For Canada Immigration

Here are some of the things you should consider:

Solidify your motivation: For some people, coming to Canada is just a random out of the blue decision. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, its just that when the going gets tough, you are more likely to move into the regret zone or the pessimism zone. Everything from there on is a downward spiral, and people in this zone tend to become extremely negative making it miserable for their families too. So whatever your reason for migration is, be sure its a solid one that will keep you motivated enough for the long journey ahead.

Quality of life: Once you are here, its easy to fall into a routine of all-day work, TV at home, and sleeping on weekends. But this isn’t much different from back home, and eventually you wouldn’t think the quality of life is any different apart from improved infrastructure. So have fun, learn a new language or hobby, travel, hike, play, make friends, try new cuisines. Be whoever you want to be. That’s quality of life, not quantity.

Specialize: From a job perspective, the Canadian market is largely about specializing in your field of work. Be it project management, or design engineer, or architect. Check if your field of work is regulated. If yes, then you’ll need to get certified before you can practice. For the rest, focus on modifying your resume from a generalist narrative to a specialist narrative. Talk more about certifications, years of experience in that particular field, contributions to best practices, etc. You know the drill.

Bringing your parents over: Canada has recently changed its rules for sponsoring your parents. Its now first come first serve. But at 20,000 applicants a year, I am guessing the queue is going to be a little long. Do keep this in mind, if you plan to bring your parents over.

Salary expectations for IT jobs: So Canada pays far lesser than US does for IT jobs. If someone has led you to believe otherwise, then make a note right here and right now. Expect to be paid at least 30% less for your job role as compared to US. No, its not a bad thing. Just something people are usually not aware of. So research your expected salaries on Glassdoor, calculate the cost of living from Numbeo, check for taxes using any online calculator, before you come. There is money to be saved eventually, but if you just returned from US, and bought a flat back home, it may not happen again.

For people not in IT: Consider moving to locations other than Vancouver or Toronto. They will be far cheaper, easier to find jobs, pay could be better, and life could be more relaxed. Toronto and GTA area is overcrowded at the moment, thanks to all the company clustering making it the obvious destination for most immigrants. But there is a lot of luck to be found outside as well. Just give it a thought.

Learn to cook: For folks who have never cooked before in their lives and have had doting mothers to look after them, this will be a great time to learn cooking. So buy your favourite knives and other kitchen equipment, Even the simplest of things goes a long way to avoid you spiralling into a Maggi diet. Cooking at home is healthy, saves a lot of money, and splits the workload between you and your spouse thus leaving more time for the both of you.

Learn the country: Before landing, I spent a lot of time reading the local news here and understanding more about the Govt., economy. culture, current affairs, cities, history, lawmaking, etc. The more you read, the more you begin to understand, and the faster you get to integrate. It also helps follow general conversations among friends/coworkers without feeling lost or interrupting for clarification.

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