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Australia is one of the best nations and a preferred option when it comes to acquiring education for international students. This is due to the quality of education it offers, its amazing education system, and the employment opportunities that are offered to the students during and after their studies.

Moreover, it has some beautiful destinations that make it one of the most attractive countries in the world which is another reason why so many international students are willing to study here.

  • Choosing your area of study:

The first thing the applicants are required to do is to select the area of their study which ultimately depends on a few of the things such as their previous qualifications, their area of interest, and the type of program they are willing to enroll in.

Australia not only offers bachelor’s and master’s programs but also provides the applicants the opportunity to enroll in certification programs and trade courses from which the student can choose to advance their qualification.

  • Scholarship options:

The government of Australia is very generous and it is a nation that offers a lot of opportunities to acquire scholarships to international students. The major programs that are offered by international students are Australia Awards Scholarships, IPRS, Destination Australia, and APEC Women Scholarship In Research.

Moreover, apart from the scholarships that are offered by the government, the universities of the nation also offer huge opportunities to acquire scholarships for international students.

  • Employment options during and after the study:

Australia offers a lot of employment opportunities for international students in a lot of sectors where the students can find jobs to ensure that they can earn their cost of living during their course of study. The students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week during their course of study, although after the pandemic, the government of Australia has now allowed the students to obtain a full-time employment in order to cover the losses made during the COVID-19, while they are living in Australia on a student visa.

After you have finally finished your studies and acquired a permanent residence, you would have the eligibility to acquire full-time employment in the nation which is 40 hours a week.

  • Living, educational, and insurance costs:

The costs of pursuing a master’s or bachelor’s degree vary from AUD15,000 to AUD40,000 on average depending on the profile of the student, the institution they have chosen to acquire education from as well as other related factors. When it comes to accommodation costs, the students have a lot of options from which they can choose.

One such option is renting hostels and guesthouses or acquiring on-campus accommodation which could cost AUD100 per week. The second alternative is to rent a shared apartment which could cost much lesser and this way the student would also have the opportunity to pursue group studies which could result in higher grades.

The Australian government also offers amazing health insurance programs which could cost around AUD500-1000 per year which is an amazing facility that is offered to the students.

  • Linguistic Requirements:

English is the primary language of Australia which is why the applicant is required to pursue an IELTS program to prove their proficiency with a minimum score of 6.0. There are a lot of institutions globally from where you can prepare for IELTS through paid programs however you also have the option to obtain free-of-cost learning through the online study material and prepare yourself for the assessment.

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